Community Transportation Needs Assessment funds requested: $2,864,575.

This will be updated periodically until the application window closes on Dec. 7, 2022. 

Needs Assessment Application

Below is the Community Transportation Needs Assessment Voucher Application and a list all of the materials you’ll need to complete it.

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For details on the process and other options for submitting your application please visit the Needs Assessment Application Process page

Application Resources and Documents

  • Have these documents available for reference. Tribal governments are not required to provide organizational documentation.
    • Your Federal non-profit status registration EIN number
    • Your California state non-profit registration EIN number
    • Your sub-applicant(s) Federal non-profit status registration EIN number(s)
    • Your sub-applicant(s) California state non-profit registration EIN number(s)
    • Your sub-applicant(s) California Secretary of State number for a private organization or business
  • Documents for upload
    • Budget Worksheet (Available in PDF, Excel and Word files)
    • Sub-applicant letter(s) of commitment
    • Optional: Documents in response to questions in Section 3


$1,000,000 for Community Transportation Needs Assessment (CTNA) vouchers worth $100,000 each available per eligible applicant.




The CTNA application window closes at

midnight PT on December 7, 2022.