Total Mobility Project Voucher funding requests = $62,339,967.

Mobility Project Application: Phase 1

The MPV Phase 1 Application window closed on April 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information. 

For details on the process and other options for submitting your application please visit the Mobility Project Application Process page.

Application Resources and Documents

  • Have these documents available for reference. Tribal governments are not required to provide organizational documentation.
    • Your Federal non-profit status registration EIN number
    • Your California state non-profit registration EIN number
    • Your sub-applicant(s) Federal non-profit status registration EIN number(s)
    • Your sub-applicant(s) California state non-profit registration EIN number(s)
    • Your sub-applicant(s) California Secretary of State number for a private organization or business
  • Have these documents ready for upload
    • A copy of survey used for your Community Needs Assessment
    • The summary of your Community Needs Assessment report findings

Join us at the Clean Mobility Forum for a one-day in-person networking event!

The Clean Mobility Forum will be composed of a keynote plenary, panels, workshops, and a closeout plenary and reception. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect in person with clean mobility project awardees, experts in the field, and other potential partners, as well as learn about and share project lessons and successes. 

A scholarship of up to $650 is available to qualified attendees. Click here to apply for the scholarship.

The deadline for receiving a discounted hotel room rate of $130 has been extended to September 18th!