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Storytelling and Data Visualization

November 28, 2023

This training focused on storytelling and data visualization. Attendees were informed on how data and media are used to produce quality and impactful content to convey their projects, work, and the community. In addition, awardees had the opportunity to strategize how to use these strategies for their projects.

Information and Feedback on Advanced Clean Cars II Environmental Justice Credits

September 12, 2023

Speakers from CARB provided an overview of the Advanced Clean Cars II regulation as it relates to equity and environmental justice (EJ). They shared  what the EJ provisions for the program are and how they interact with some of CARB’s equity-focused programs.

EVSE and EVITP Best Practices and Lessons Learned

August 22, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator team supplied attendees with information on how to better understand requirements for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), electric vehicle infrastructure training program (EVITP), and infrastructure requirements for CMO and state programs and how to meet those requirements. Attendees gained knowledge on how to better understand EVSE permitting and installation process and heard lessons learned and best practices from other projects.

Solutions Committee Meeting

July 18, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator team facilitated a brainstorming session for policy solutions to address common challenges that have been impacting clean mobility projects. Some topics that were covered included long-term project sustainability, funding solutions and the CARB funding plan process, and integrating pilot clean mobility services into local and regional transportation networks.

Transportation and Mobility Equity

June 22, 2023

Brytanee Brown, founder & principal of emergent labs, facilitated this training session on transportation equity and its relevance to the CMO program and other clean mobility projects.  Attendees discussed their current equity practices, identified areas for improvement, and were provided tools for developing equitable clean mobility projects and programs.

Baseline Survey and Community Engagement

May 16, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator Team presented on the importance of baseline survey implementation, discussed best practices for survey outreach/engagement, and discussed the integration of community engagement in projects. 

Statewide Meeting

March 28, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator Team introduced the Clean Mobility Forum, went over CMEA resources and how members can use and contribute to them, and ended by discussing current clean mobility trends, threats and opportunities.

Marketing and Outreach for Services

March 15, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator Team shared tips and tricks for marketing and outreach strategies. Attendees were also able to discuss with one another how they are approaching their marketing and outreach and hear Jazmin Joyce from ActiveSGV share lessons learned in marketing and outreach for their e-bike share program, GoSGV.

Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Launch!

February 14, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator team went over some general guidance on how to plan for a successful launch. Attendees heard about project launches from CMO awardees and discussed best practices and lessons learned.

CMEA Bikeshare Project Meeting

February 6, 2023

CMO awardees implementing bikeshare projects convened to discuss the challenges around garnering public support, local business support, political support and so on. This was the first of a series of ongoing meetings to support bikeshare projects. Bikeshare stakeholders and implementers outside of CMO were welcomed to join.

Adjusting your Budget: Ways to Approach Project Plus-Up

January 25, 2023

The CMO Program Administrator Team discussed what was needed for the plus-up funding for Window 1 Mobility Project awardees and what project components can be supported.


The CMO Program Administrator Team held a CMEA Work Group to listen to awardees’ challenges and barriers with e-bike insurance. The main challenges revolved around high insurance premiums, limited e-bike insurance providers, and ongoing insurance costs. CARB staff presented some of the ways they hope to mitigate insurance barriers but concluded that any improvements will be marginal without legislation change.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss and provide context for workforce development discussion and potential implications for awardees and other clean mobility project implementers, share input and feedback on community needs, opportunities and challenges for workforce development within clean transportation and mobility space, and collectively brainstorm and discuss potential workforce development ideas and suggestions to shape future funding opportunities.

CMEA held a working group focused on broader insurance challenges facing mobility providers within the Clean Mobility Options (CMO) program. Obtaining and meeting insurance has been an obstacle for many mobility providers contracted with project leads from Window 1.

CMEA officially welcomed all CMO awardees that were currently implementing Mobility Projects. Awardees from around the state were introduced to one another and provided space to learn from each other and advocate together.

The CMO Program Administrator Team held a discussion on lessons learned focused on how vandalism is affecting infrastructure and bicycles, the increases in costs for capital, labor and other project components, the impact of state requirement of EVITP.

The first CMEA Solutions Committee meeting was held to discuss developing policy solutions, recommendations and tangible actions to make clean mobility more accessible for all Californians.


Best processes and strategies for community engagement and an overview of CMO tools, including an Alchemer, mapping tools, and communications approval process.

Discussed some of the challenges of the template survey language and questions for tribal communities as well as mapping tools and data analysis

Awardees were able to navigate through four breakout rooms, each focusing on a different topic: transportation data collection, community outreach and engagement, interpreting and analyzing data, and summary report development.

Check-in session and an open session for project technical assistance, networking, socializing and providing any program feedback.

Discussed data interpretation and summary reporting.

Awardees had the opportunity to share project updates and reflections on any challenges or lessons learned.

CMO Program Admin gave an update on the Implementation Manual and discussed next steps for CTNA projects.

Community Transportation Needs Assessment Closeout Celebration where awardees presented on their projects and lessons learned.