Application Review Process Explanation

Per the “first-come-first-served” process, if the total amount requested on day one does not exceed available funds then applications will be reviewed and funds will be awarded in the order that they were received. 

If the total amount of funds requested on day one, before 11:59 pm PT, exceeds the amount of funds available, then the applications received on day one will be randomized* and reviewed in the new randomized order to ensure objectivity.  

Applications will be initially reviewed for completeness to determine if all materials required to review the application are submitted. Incomplete applications will be immediately rejected, however, our technical assistance team is available to help you understand missing items and resubmit your complete application. 

Once the review list is finalized, program administrators will begin the final review process to determine eligibility and approve qualified applications pending the availability of funds. All eligible applications received after funding is exhausted will be placed on a waiting list. If for any reason an applicant drops out of the process or if additional funds become available, we will review the next application on the waitlist.

The application window will close after one month. After the review process is complete, and all funds are allotted, applicants will move forward with the execution of vouchers.

*Randomization is achieved using a trusted method from